jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

To the Franklin family

The Franklins of Plymouth were forced to remove this blog supposedly to protect the identity of their child, who had been stolen by social services (see http://stolenkids-bloggers.blogspot.com/)

In reality it was to protect social services and Britain's system of secret courts which go against the supposed protections of the European Convention of Human Rights and is therefore illegal (but legalised by judges in the pocket of the social services) kidnapping.


Anyone with details of the Franklin's blog - please email admin@ascandal.com and I will post the details on that site.  It is based outside the UK (as am I) and a number of UK authorities and judges have attempted to have it removed without success.  

Once posted, the page will NEVER be removed even at the request of the family.  This is to protect them from legal action.   The only time it will be removed is if the family request me to do so because their child has been restored to them AND I am satisfied that their request is not made under threat or duress, including from social services and the courts